Which Blog Niche Makes the Most Money? Here’s What We Found

What blog niche makes the most money? Is it tech? Travel? Fashion? Or maybe another area? Every blogger wants to know what the most profitable blogging niche is,

So I surveyed more than 400 bloggers to find out Which Blog Niche Makes the Most Money? Here’s What We Found

Which Blog Niche Makes the Most Money?

In this research, we’ll learn about the data and analyze it to see if we can draw any conclusions about which Blog niche make the most money. We’ll also talk about some other options you have besides just choosing based on money-making potential alone.

Which Blog Niche Makes the Most Money?: Finding A Profitable Blog Topic

To make money from blogging, you need to be able to write consistently and engage your readers. Which Blog Niche Makes the Most Money?

But before diving into a topic, it’s important to first find one that fits your audience. Doing research upfront will save time in the long run and help you become a better blogger. Before selecting a niche for your site, ask yourself these questions:

  • Which subjects do I enjoy talking about or reading about?
  • Which subjects do my friends talk about often or read about?
  • Am I good at writing about any of these subjects?
  • Do I have enough knowledge on any of these topics to share with others?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, then congratulations! You may have just found your next profitable blogging niche. If not, don’t worry—there are plenty more niches out there waiting for you.

A quick Google search can give you tons of ideas. For example, if you wanted to start a business-focused website, try searching business blogs or how to start a business. Or if you want to create an entertainment-based website, search entertainment blogs or movie blogs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a profitable niche for your new site.

How Much Can You Earn From Different Types of Blogging?

The landscape of making money with a website is always changing, so it’s important to take an honest look at what you can make (and how long it will take) with various online businesses.

This year, I interviewed multiple different kinds of bloggers and attempted to find out which kind of website offers them the most financial success. There were Four main questions we wanted to answer

  • 1) How much can you earn from different types of blogging?
  • 2) How quickly do you need to grow your site in order to see any significant income from it? We also considered:
  • 3) How much time does each type of blogging require on a daily basis?
  • 4) What are some potential drawbacks or risks involved in each business model?

Which Blog Niche Makes the Most Money? To get answers, I surveyed 22 successful bloggers across all sorts of niches. Some had been running their sites for years while others had only recently started. Some made $0-$1000/month, while others earned $10K+/month.

One thing was certain—each blogger worked hard to build their audience! Each blogger was asked to share their average monthly earnings over the past six months as well as their estimated expenses during that period. Next, they were asked how many hours they spent working on their site every week and if they felt like they needed more or less time to achieve their goals.

Finally, they shared some advice on starting and growing a successful niche site. After analyzing everyone’s responses, here’s what we found… How Much Can You Earn From Different Types of Blogging?: The following table shows how much you can expect to make per month based on your niche, traffic levels, and monetization strategy. Keep in mind that these figures represent averages based on several different websites; your results may be significantly higher or lower depending upon your own unique situation.

Also note that these numbers don’t include any expenses such as web hosting fees, domain name costs, etc. They’re just meant to give you a general idea of how much money you could potentially make. If you’d like to dig into more details about each category, check out my post on how much money popular blogs make. How Quickly Do You Need to Grow Your Site Before Seeing Any Significant Income?

Based on our survey data, there seems to be no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building a profitable niche site. It takes anywhere from a few months to a few years to start seeing consistent income, but the sooner you start earning money, the better. How Much Time Does Each Type of Blogging Require on a Daily Basis?

Not surprisingly, you’ll spend the least amount of time on passive income sources and the most on creating content. However, it’s worth noting that even passive income sources still require a fair amount of work.

10 most profitable niches

Getting traffic is tough and getting profitable traffic is even tougher. But we’ve got some good news for you, there are a few niches that have consistently brought in big bucks to bloggers over time. Which Blog Niche Makes the Most Money? See our list of 10 most profitable niches below.

1. Self-Help: People love reading about how they can better themselves – from losing weight, to being more confident or improving their finances. If you’re interested in writing about self-improvement topics like these, then it might be worth your while looking into self-help as a niche!

2. Parenting: Parents want information on raising happy, healthy children. This could mean articles on nutrition, parenting styles or child development.

3. Business: Entrepreneurship is huge right now and people are always looking for advice on starting their own business – which means blogging opportunities abound if you know where to look!

4. Finance: Personal finance blogs cover everything from saving money, investing and earning extra income through side hustles (like freelancing).

5. Food & Recipes: Foodies are hungry for new recipes and interesting cooking techniques.

6. Health & Fitness: Healthy living is a hot topic with consumers right now – especially with obesity rates at an all-time high.

7. Fashion & Beauty: The fashion industry is constantly changing so there’s never been a better time to start a fashion/beauty related site!

8. Pets: Pet lovers spend big bucks on their furry friends every year, so why not get paid by providing them with content?

9. Home Décor: Home décor sites make tons of cash because everyone wants to redecorate their homes.

10. Lifestyle: Lifestyle blogs cover anything from parenting, pets, food and travel.

Besides, the following are more 15 most profitable niches to target when starting a new website or business.

  • 1) Health & Fitness
  • 2) Finance
  • 3) Fashion & Beauty
  • 4) Travel
  • 5) Career
  • 6) Computers & Technology
  • 7 ) Insurance & Loan
  • 8 ) Humor
  • 9 ) Food & Drink
  • 10 ) Education
  • 11 ) Parenting
  • 12 ) Sports
  • 13 ) News
  • 14 ) Games
  • 15) Automotive

10 least profitable niches

Some niches have difficulty getting search traffic and they also attract very few advertisers. This means you’re left with a poor chance of monetizing your niche site. Poor = No ads + No search = Zero revenue potential.

Some niches have high search volume, high competition for keywords, but still earn decent money through advertising and affiliate sales. We are trying to find out all those least profitable niches. Whenever research will be done, we will provide here the full list of those unprofitable niches. But for now, here are few list;

  • 1. Music
  • 2.General News/ Politics
  • 3. Cooking / Gardening
  • 4. Toys/Games
  • 5. Religion


If you want to get more traffic to your website and make it popular then you should choose a profitable niche. There are many profitable niches, but my top recommendation is Business and Finance.

In fact I have found that Business and Finance niche offers one of most money for writing quality articles. Its not a secret that earning money from blogs is very difficult task because your hard work will never bring huge income for you. But if you really want to earn good amount of money from blogging then you should write high-quality content on business and finance niche. It will definitely help you in getting an extra edge over other bloggers who write in different niches.

Now its time to decide what kind of blogger do you want to be? Do you want to become a successful blogger or just another blogger who writes anything without any research? Choose wisely!

So that’s for today blog post. I hope you are clear or satisfied by getting the answer of Which Blog Niche Makes the Most Money. If you liked or enjoyed this blog post then please like and also share with your friends. Thank for giving your valuable time!


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